American Dream

We are America

In recent years, the American dream has been more and more forgotten. American Dream was created to revive this dream. We combine patriotism, fun in form of games, and a good investment.
We created the American Dream so people can remember that everyone can live their own American Dream. However, it not only reminds us of these values that made our country great but also supports us in achieving this goal.
In order to live the American Dream, our team has developed a comprehensive marketing strategy. With its help, we will reach our goal in the near future. You also have the chance to live the American Dream.
Just join our community and let's live it together.


  • Our team has been in the crypto game for many years. Not only our investments were successful, but our team had some very big projects, such as CHOPPER Token. After reaching an All-Time-High of $50 Million, it was merged with LUFFY.
  • American Dream is a deflationary gaming/finance token with a supply of just 50.505.050 tokens which will help to keep the price per token higher.
  • We are currently in difficult times where many projects are being rugged, and trust is a big issue in the crypto market. For this reason, it is a matter of the heart for us to create a trustworthy project. That’s why our project is built on transparency. We will always keep you updated.
Last modified 7mo ago