Kill the Terrorist

The American Dream is one of the most important aspects that characterize our country. Some organizations in this world don’t like our way of life and are ready to destroy it by any means. Now the time has come for you to do your part in defending our country. For that reason, we have implemented a 2D P2E Game “Kill the Terrorist” which All American Dream Supporters can play.
It is a side-scrolling action game in which your task is to eliminate as many terrorists as possible in order to save our country and make America Great Again.
With every kill, you will earn points that increase your score. At the end of each week, the three players with the highest score will be rewarded with Tokens and NFTs.
During the second development phase, we will provide you with a 3D game with much more possibilities like more levels and more weapons. Also, we will establish an NFT connection so you have the possibility to change your skins by minting NFTs.

Future Games

Several more games will be released in the near future.
One of our games will take place in New York in the 50s. In it, the player can decide which of the 5 Italian families he wants to belong to. Then he has to help his family to take over the power in New York.